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About AtypicalContent

Sharing Our Journeys Near and Far

In 2008 AtypicalContent met each other and started exploring the places that called our attentions. We wrote our first travel and adventure stories on the high deserts of Chile and Bolivia. And learned about 2 weeks in, that while we enjoyed reaching our destinations, traveling is what we love. Nothing has been the same for us since. We made the choice to pursue a life that allows for adventures near and far. From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego we have explored our world using every type of conveyance and shared our travel and adventure stories with our friends, families, and those around us who want to listen. AtypicalContent is the story of what we have seen, done, and experienced along the way. Hope you enjoy!

travel and adventure in northeast brazil
Last rays of light on a Tuesday in northeast Brazil

Kermit Panza hales from the greater Antilles. KP is a waterman, skier, cyclist, and generally a self-proclaimed man of mystery. He has had a couple of different lives thus far and looks forward to living and sharing the next ones. His bucket list is full of travel to geographical oddities, and the journeys that accompany them.

Marti Panza was born in a snowstorm and has been pursuing adventure since. Having traveled through over 60 countries MP has become a travel photographer and writer, winter sports enthusiast, and the brains behind most of this operation. Her stories include the times she traded tiki-torches and juice boxes for entry visas as well as driving a T-30 through the Mongolian steppe.

When not traveling, MP and KP split their time between Los Angeles, CA and Taos, NM where they renovate neglected Spanish Colonial Revival homes. You can also find them looking for rainbows often – trout that is- in big or small rivers throughout.

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